The Complete Holistic Guide to Working out in the Gym

Training in the gym is one of the most common sports in the Western world. Thanks to the
enormous scientific development in the industry, the gym stands out as the most effective means of
managing the body. The gym provides a wide range of physical, health, mental and social needs and
is suitable for diverse target populations.
In this book, the most up-to-date research aspects on the subject are concentrated, starting from
the basic concepts, through the description of the execution of the exercises, to the construction of
a personal training plan and guidelines for a sensible diet. The book contains about 200 unique
illustrations that help describe and illustrate how to perform the exercises in a visual way that makes
the book a useful guide.
The complete guide to Working out in the gym with a holistic approach is intended for exercisers in
general and sports teachers and fitness trainers in particular. The book is written in a structured
way, which allows the reader to progress step by step, starting from his first steps in the gym to the
stages of a professional and independent exerciser.

Through this book you will learn:

  • The way of performing the exercises in a visual way.
  • The advanced training methods for developing the various fitness components.
  • The pros and cons of the gym.
  • How to increase awareness and motivation for physical activity.
  • How to organize your body and train intelligently.
  • A variety of exercises for all muscle groups in the body.
  • How to realize the training goals without getting injured.
  • How to build a personal training plan for each trainee according to his needs.
  • The nutritional components required for the various types of activity.
  • A balanced approach to training and eating habits.
  • Reflective and balanced thinking during and after the activity.